Quantum Certification with Noelle Agape

Are you a coach, practitioner, or trainer needing to take your clients to the next level? 


Using The Quantum Fields, Sacred Geometry, Time, light language and soul connection. Then You are ready to become a Certified Quantum Practitioner. This is an Advanced level Certification with a Deep Knowledge base of The Quantum Fields and Mysteries of Life. You must have gone through and COMPLETED the Quantum Immersion before this course could be taken. This is a Course is a tool kit for you to TEACH Quantum Energy Medicine. There is an application process and you must be hand selected by The leadership team of Noelle Agape Global who is a Certified Quantum Energy Trainer. Learn and Teach these Beautiful Sacred techniques and modalities to change your clients lives forever. Upon completion of the course and passing the exam of 80% or greater you will be a Certified Quantum Energy Practitioner.


Noelle Agape, MA, PPS, NLP & Quantum Energy Trainer

​My name is Noelle Agape. As a humanitarian,  my “ Why” is to Globally bring awareness of  Health, Wellness, and Consciousness to as many lives as I can touch. I have been a Counselor for the past 17 years, with a focus on Health, Wellness and Consciousness. I also have 12 years of formal education and training in Psychology, Quantum Physics, Energy Healing, and  Neuro Linguistic Programming. 


My purpose in life is to help others on a Global level by CONNECTING THE MIND, BODY, SOUL AND SPIRIT so that they are free TO LIVE THEIR BEST LIFE. Today, I am living my dream as a TV Host of The SOUL ON FIRE SHOW, a Health and Wellness Counselor, NLP Master Trainer,  Quantum Energy Trainer, and International Motivational Speaker. I’m also running Wellness Retreats all over the world! I am fulfilling my purpose and giving back while also guiding people into becoming the highest versions of themselves, achieving self-mastery and discovering their soul’s purpose.


My goal is to help clients find balance in their lives so they can live the highest version of themselves. I coach them to self mastery, which includes: mastering their mind, mastering their ego, mastering their body, mastering their energy and mastering their soul’s purpose.​

My practice is about connecting Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit so you can Live Your Best Life.​