Noelle Agape MA. NLP​ Master Trainer, Quantum Energy Trainer​

Empowering the voice of millions by merging and Science and Spirituality to set your Soul On Fire and ignite the passion within. Noelle Agape is the TV Host of The Soul on Fire Show, a Health and Wellness Counselor, NLP Master Trainer, Quantum Energy Trainer, & Wellness Retreat Host. As a Humanitarian, her “Why” is to Globally bring awareness of Health, Wellness, and Consciousness to as many lives as she can touch. As Counselor for the past 17 years with a focus on merging science and spirituality, she has 14 years of formal Education and Training in Psychology, Quantum Physics, Energy Healing, and Neuro-Linguistic Programing. She is a TV Host of The Soul on Fire Show, Best Selling Author and an International Speaker and has implemented wellness retreats around the world. She has empowered the lives of millions through her voice and dedication to raising human consciousness.