Infinite Wellness

A hub of all this, Health, Wellness & Consciousness.

So what is Infinite Wellness?

A collaboration of Beautiful Souls gathering to Expand Humanity and share their gifts to the World Through Health, Wellness and Consciousness, while bringing Healing, Love and Light to all that they serve.

At Infinite Wellness, our goal as wellness practitioners is to help clients find balance in their lives so they can live the highest version of themselves. Guiding them to self mastery, mastering their mind, mastering their ego, mastering their body, mastering their energy and mastering their soul’s purpose. Our practice is about connecting Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit to Live your Best Life.

Noelle Agape MA. NLP​ Master Trainer, Quantum Energy Trainer

My Name is Noelle Agape. I have been a Counselor for the past 17 years with a focus on Health and Wellness. I have 12 years of formal Education and Training in Psychology, Quantum Physics, Energy Healing, Neuro Linguistic Programing and Yoga. I am a Best Selling Author, TV Host of The Soul on Fire Show and an International Speaker,  I’ve developed and implemented wellness retreats around the world. I’ve also implemented wellness programs in the schools, local Gyms/Yoga Studios and Corporations. As a Humanitarian my goal is to bring Global Awareness to Health Wellness and Consciousness to as many lives as we can touch.

Together We are the Change.

Meet The Practitioners
Daniell Gomez

Daniell Gomez

Hello Divine being, I am grateful we have found each other in this infinite universe. I am the founder of the holistic health service Dance Alchemy, which is the intersection of my B.S. in cognitive science specializing in the clinical aspects of cognition, my lifelong dance background, and my spiritual exploration…

Amy Turner

Amy Turner is known as the “No BS Sweetheart” because she is a deep listener and full of love yet she gives it to you straight. Amy has a lot of credentials, she’s a licensed marriage and family therapist, a licensed advanced alcohol and drug counselor, a certified hypnotherapist…and the list goes on and on. She is no BS and knows you don’t really care about her credentials…