Scott and Nancy Kiesling

Scott & Nancy are a husband & wife life coaching team. They use their unique method of Adventure Therapy to support women in breaking their pattern of failed relationships so they can have the healthy, loving and amazing relationship they have always dreamed of.


Prior to meeting, Scott overcame adversity & abuse, reversing the generational cycle of negativity within his family. Working in the film industry for over 30 years taught Scott invaluable life skills, most importantly, his broad knowledge base involving human behavior. With over 20 years experience as a rescue climber and rock climbing gym owner, Scott guided numerous groups and individuals on thrilling, breathtaking climbing adventures, which led him to develop his strategy of Adventure Therapy.

Nancy was raised in a female dominant household, the youngest of five sisters. Her parents were notably forward thinkers. At age 26, she launched her first business, a wedding planning company, using the skills that were organically imprinted upon her. She continued to challenge herself and eventually launched two additional companies, a handbag company, and the Adventure & Life Coaching company she and Scott now operate together… Scott & Nancy Adventures. Nancy thrives from conquering challenges and helping people to have the life they desire.


From the moment these two unique souls entered into each other’s lives, it was crystal clear they both wanted a lifestyle different than the average. Through their cooperative efforts, Scott and Nancy began applying their blended talents and manifesting the life they now live. Today, they travel by land and sea to exotic places, and inspire others to achieve the life they dream about!


The culmination of their talents and dreams, has enabled Scott and Nancy to cultivate their coaching business that propels women from standing on the edge of their life peering down at what they wish for, to leaping into the best version of themselves and experiencing their life to the fullest. The use of Adventure Therapy allows people to experience their life in a way that brings fulfilment and a deep sense of connectedness, re-discovering their value and capabilities.


Together, Scott & Nancy continue to build online self-development courses, facilitate online events and build esteem-building Adventure Therapy Retreats.


Since the harnessing of their individual superpowers, this dynamic duo finds true happiness in helping people to push beyond their perceived limitations towards new and previously unexplored heights.

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