Your Energy


Noelle Agape MA PPS NLP- Health and Wellness Counselor/ NLP and Energy Medicine Trainer shows you how to Master your Energy, Guiding you through Powerful Quantum Healing Exercises Connecting Mind Body Soul and Spirit.


Connecting the 4 Bodies of Overall Wellness.

The Mental Body

Rewire your Brain and Mind Hack Changing your Belief System through Neurolinguistic Programing and Quantum Energy Healing

The Physical Body

Travel, Mediation Breath, Work Yoga Adventure Therapy, Extreme Sports, Bio Hacking, Connecting to Nature and the 4 Elements

The Emotional Body

Working deeply with your emotions and using them as a guidance and navigation system  to use as a motivator instead of a debilitator

The Energtic/ Spiritual Body

Merging Science and Spirituality working in the Quantum Energy, to work with your energetic fields, neural net pathways, Biochemistry, to Connect Your Mind Body and. Soul to your Spirit and Higher Power.